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Printing Equipment

Typical product:XMminiature ball bearings, e.g. 68, 69 series

Printing machines are required to output sharp printing quality and high productivity. The high quality performance of printing machines is highly related to the bearings used. The bearings for printing rollers usually do not carry heavy load or high rotation speed, but one of the greatest enemies of these bearings is the printing ink. It will cause the failure of the machine and bring a great loss.

XM Solution:

XM has close partnership with printing machine manufactures. We do different tests to analyze the performance of bearings and printing machines with manufacturers, and then to improve our product quality. XM bearings provide excellent sealing performance, which can prevent the printing ink, who will cause the grease failure or unexpected stop of the machine, from infiltrating through bearing seals. By our accumulated applications knowledge, XM creates more value for our customers.